Smart Websites

Web Designer specialising
in WordPress and Shopify


I am a Salisbury based Web Designer who creates beautiful, bespoke and responsive websites that look great on all browsers and devices. The sites I create are primarily built-in WordPressShopify & WooCommerce. Your customer’s journey is always at the heart of my design, as is your website’s readability and SEO score in.

My clients not only love the design of their sites but also find the back end easy to manage and with a little training can manage their own content updates. Many choose to focus on other aspects of their business and ask me to support them as and when needed, others are completely self sufficient.  It’s important to know that the work we create together will be a good investment, your website will be a sound foundation on which you can continue to build as your business grows.

I don’t just build from scratch, if you have and existing WordPress theme or Shopify store that you wish to update or are looking to move from Wix, Woo Commerce or Square Space then I can help with that too, just call 07930 497 461 or email me at


Where to start?

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, especially when you are juggling your daily business tasks along with everything else life throws at you. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Identify your goals – What do you want your website to achieve?
  • Understand your target audience – Who is your site talking to?
  • What’s your customer’s user journey?
  • What are the unique selling points or services?
  • Content – What do you want to say and how do you want to say it?

For those who struggle with getting ideas down on paper, fear not I love it and I’m always happy to help. I design with the user journey in mind making sure your site is user friendly, readable and with SEO in mind.

Websites should grow and change with your business, so for those who are just starting out it’s sensible to set your budget to cover the basics and then add elements and functionality over time as needed.


What my clients think...