One Million Hours

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A group of organisations within the legal industry have come together to create the One Million Hours pledge. We are seeking to raise One Million Hours of intellectual capital, pledging time to support projects with the common purpose of helping adapt the planet, arrest climate change and reduce biodiversity loss.

This project moved very quickly, the team had strong brand guidelines to follow which worked well on print but needed a lot of thought to make the website look on brand but still be readable, I like working with strong colours but they need to be used well so not to overwhelm the reader.

This site is packed will great features like animated text, which helps to get longer strap lines across in a punchier way. I also introduced some animated circles which highlighted the organisation’s goals.

One Million Hours has two clear actions, 1) pledging hours and 2) Submitting project recommendations. To keep the users focused on the same page I’ve used a content toggle so the user can select which form they want to use.

This is early days for the organisation and we will be developing the site over time.

This site features:

  • Animated Text
  • Wow card carousel
  • Animated circle
  • Logo grid
  • Stylish dividers
  • Content toggle
  • Contact form x2 

Over the last 5 years Tess has not only produced, managed and updated a series of beautiful websites for me ( 5 and counting) she has only shown immense patience and understanding! She has a unique ability to take a vague series of idea, all fired off at the last minute and then transform them, speedily, professionally and with immense good humour into a fabulous finished product. Not only do the websites look great they are robust technically and everything always works ! Give her try – you wont be disappointed.

Amanda Carpenter

One Million Hours