Western Front Way

Design, build and host 

The Western Front Way is a long-distance walking route from the French Alps in the South to the Belgian coast in the North tracing the rough line of the Western front. It is a free path for peace where walkers are encouraged to share their stories via Twitter and Instagram.

My initial brief was to create a website that translates into French, Dutch & German that would get visitors walking and explore the path, the homepage hosted a video via Vimeo that shows the routes through all seasons. we were spoilt for choice on this website. The site also contains free maps to download.

Since then the WFW have been on their own journey and have now developed an APP that is a one stop shop that caters for all your needs as you bike or hike the Western Front path, we have worked together to create a design that showcases the App and all of it’s features.

It’s lovely to work with a client over a long period of time and support them as their business changes and grows.

“Tess has a rare talent for translating a message/brand into a practical website, finding the ideal balance between your ideas and functionality. She has excellent communication skills. I wouldn’t hesitate (and don’t!) to recommend her for projects big or small”

Beth Pamer

Writer, Researcher and Social Media Lead, Western Front Way