Liz Davis

Website Design 

Liz Davis is a women’s nutritionist and gut health specialist, working with clients to help them reach their health goals and soothe their gut symptoms.

Liz’s existing website was on WordPress but the theme had expired making updates a security a challenge. Liz has a strong brand and great suite of colours to work with so it was great to be able to pull them all together.

We migrated all 100+ blogs from her previous website to the new site, they now sit in the background whilst Liz works through the ones she wants to make live.

This site features:

  • Animated text
  • Wow card carousel
  • Gallery
  • Blog carousel
  • link to Instagram

Tess has just done the most amazing job on my new website.  It was such a painless process and the whole project was turned around very quickly!

She is very pleasant to deal with and is also great at trouble-shooting and resolving any technical problems.

My site now not only looks amazing, but the feedback I have received so far is its very easy to use and navigate – people want to be able to find the info they’re looking for quickly and easily – which they now can.

Tess is also amazing at making sure you get your marketing message across effectively using text and graphics, and has a superb eye for design.  


Liz Davis