Cally Edwards

Design & build

Cally Edwards is a local Birth & Postnatal Doula, who also offers group and 1:1 Consultations on a number of topics.

Cally’s first site was a self-build and overtime the platform she used became outdated and it’s limited template made it difficult to capture her expanding business.

This new site needed to do the following:

  • Have a booking system for group courses that have pre-set dates
  • A system that captures payment for services such as Birth/Postnatal doula, Breastfeeding session and 1:1 sessions, A Cally needs to manage her diary this would need to operate outside of a booking system
  • Provide lots of information and links for clients
  • Provide links to NCT groups and a separate process for hiring birth pools

Cally and I spent a few sessions together working through what services and organising content. We decided to use a booking system called Bookwhen this allowed us to create group courses which sit as a link on our site.

I used WooCommerce to capture payments for the other services that Cally offers. I’ve used this ecommerce platform many times and it offers the freedom I needed to create a design that doesn’t follow a typical shop.

We used Stripe payment gateway and were able to link both Bookwhen and WooCommerce without an issues.

All in this site holds a lot of information, so I went for a second menu to break it all up. I love the look and feel of this site. The colours are bright but very calming. Cally’s Logo was created by Alex Drewitt of adrewittdesign.

“I came to Tess simply by looking up a couple of local websites and shops that I’d admired and thought I’d wanted something similar for me with it’s minimalism and ease of use, plus the added bonus of sticking to local and female is always important to me.

I’m not your run of the mill shop, but a service that sells me, it’s a very different type of website I was asking Tess to create. One initial meeting with Tess and I instantly knew she was the right person for the job. My needs for the website were complex and of course I had a budget.

I needed a showcase for all that I do, a shop for people to buy my services and all the things that I offer to pregnant mums, new families, mums struggling with breastfeeding, baby sleep, introducing solids, courses for pregnancy and new siblings and to leave me lots of scope to introduce new services as and when required. It needed to be easy for me to go forward and change.

We met every week to work together going through the site and adding all aspects. It was complex and multifaceted but somehow Tess really managed to grasp all that I was asking and created a totally gorgeous site that is super easy to navigate (feedback from clients already) with lots of extras. An early morning email, she just sorted. Utter dedication and constantly listening to her client.

It’s early days but it feels just right and knowing that Tess is just up the road and a phone or email away makes it even more comforting to know that I’ve got a local, honest, helpful guiding hand to help me as I go forward. I’d completely recommend Tess. I’d give her 5 stars for
ease of use, value for money, listened to her brief and came up with extras. She really exceeded my expectations. Plus of course I think I’ve got a new friend, so that’s always a win!”

Cally Edwards

Founder, Cally Edwards Doula