Citrus Tree

Design & build

Poornima had an existing shop through Square Space but found the template limiting and wanted to move platform to Shopify. The basic and bought templates available in Shopify were still quite limiting. Shop owners often find themselves in the position where they have to compromise on design in favour of a fast, secure site with lots of options to add on services via apps.

I have designed a website that is light and easy to navigate, the colours i’ve chosen really make the products really sing, you can almost smell the soaps!  I’m really please with the main slider, I wanted to move away from text overlaid on images which is something that Shopify has set up as standard and is so often misused. too often the images fight for space with the text and either one gets lost or it can look really cluttered.

Poornima lives in the states so we had lots of calls at 5GMT / 9 PST, it was a really pleasure to work together and i’m going to miss our calls.

“I found Tess by researching a lot online and found that she had created a website for another soap maker, which was STUNNING. So, I reached out to her for a “meet & greet” and instantly loved her!! She has this calming persona and truly listens to what you need and creates it for you. Tess, thank you SO much for helping me out! You were fabulous to work with & I’m SUPER happy with how everything turned out!”

Poornima Janakiraman

Founder, Citrus Tree